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Looking to eat healthy without compromising on flavour? You've come to the right place. We believe that you don't have to choose between what's good for you and what you love eating. The four blends in this bundle deliver seriously bold flavours but none of the downsides of conventional seasoning products or processed condiments (so NO sugar, salt, MSG, gluten, soy, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours). The perfect combination of Paleo & Keto friendly spices. 

Whether you're after the best peri-peri chicken (that's not a greasy takeaway), Texan BBQ vibes, epic American flavours (with our very own Aussie version of Old Bay seasoning) or want to add some oomph to your grilled creations, roasted veg, soups, stews or salads, the Hunter bundle will have you covered.   

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    • Smoked Salt & Mountain Pepper -  This salt & pepper mix reimagines the classic with a distinct Australian twist. Gentle salt flakes, hand harvested  from the waters of the Murray-Darling basin in south-eastern Australia and smoked on reclaimed oakwood are blended with Tasmanian pepper berries (aka "Mountain Pepper") to create this seriously addictive blend.
    • Piri - Inspired by the Portuguese signature mix, Piri Piri (or Peri Peri), which was discovered in the 15th century during the Portuguese exploration of Africa, this blend will add a spicy kick to any dish. Great with grilled chicken (of course!), roasted vegetables, seared fish, seafood or legumes. .
    • Pit Master - Inspired by Texan BBQ traditions where grilled meats are rubbed with spices and cooked low and slow over indirect heat from oak, pecan or hickory wood fire.  This smoky blend will be right at home at summer BBQs but use it any time of year to add that lovely outdoorsy flavour to roasted or grilled foods. Perfect with beef as well as pork, lamb, poultry, fish or seafood. 
    • Moreton Bay - Inspired by a popular American blend known as seafood seasoning (especially for crab and prawns), say hello to its Aussie version. This mix of 11 robust spices will rocket your seafood and fish to new heights but is also great sprinkled over roasted vegetables, into rice, added to chickpeas and thrown into a grilled chicken marinade. .


For more information on each blend, ingredients, suggested uses and recipes please click on the blend's name above.


Made with love in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Organic & Low in Sodium

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

No artificial colours or flavours, additives, MSG, sugar, fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives whatsoever.

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