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We've curated a special spice gift box for the chilli lovers and heat seekers in your life. This luxurious spice gift box is perfect for birthdays, house warmings, Mother's Day, your dinner party or BBQ hosts and more. Practical, beautiful, delicious and - we're told - highly addictive.

This is a unique collection of chillis sourced from around the world. We've aimed to showcase the most hard-to-find and exotic chillis yet super versatile and suitable for everyday cooking.

Featuring Turkish Aleppo Pepper (loved by Ottolenghi fans), the two most popular chillis used in Mexican cuisine - Ancho chilli and Guajillo chilli in Carne Asada (a Mexican inspired blend),  African chilli flakes and green Jalapeño which form the base of our North African-inspired blend, Rose Harissa, and last but not least Australian Smoked Chilli Salt, one of our best sellers and a foodie must have. 

This spice gift box features 

 The signature Sprinkle gift box & luxe tissue paper inside

FREE Sprinkle greeting card for your own personal message

 FREE gift wrapping


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Gift Box includes
    • Aleppo Pepper - A mellow chilli native to Syria and Turkey that's become quite famous as one of Ottolenghi's favourite spices. Spicy and sweet with a citrusy aroma and notes of sun-dried tomato. It'll add a warm mildly spicy flavour to any dish. Perfect sprinkled on pizzas, pastas, grilled fish, BBQ'd meats, salads and roasted veg.

    • Carne Asada"Carne Asada" means grilled meat in Spanish and a well known traditional Mexican dish of beef cooked fast over a very hot grill, then put in a tacos, tortillas or burritos. This bright and spicy mix combines the two most popular chillis used in Mexican cuisine with eight other spices. This blend is great as a BBQ rub or marinade for fish, seafood, meat, vegetables or poultry.

    • Smoked Chilli Salt - This big-flavoured salt will brighten up your meals with its bold, outdoorsy aroma and a fiery character. Made of pure white salt that is hand-harvested from the waters of the Murray-Darling basin in south-eastern Australia and naturally dried in the glorious Aussie sun, this salt is nothing like the processed table salt varieties. This salt is smoked on reclaimed oakwood from wine barrels and blended with bird's eye chilli, a humble hot little pepper native to Southeast Asia. 

    • Rose Harissa - Harissa is a North African chilli paste loved by cooks from Morocco to Tunisia and widely used in the Middle East as well. This blend is a tribute to the classic harissa recipe (and is a powdered version). Pungent, spicy and hot with rose petals and mint notes to cool the heat. Pair with fish fillets or grilled prawns, add to soups and stews, marinate grilled chicken or roasted lamb, boost roasted vegetables, uplift pasta sauces - you get the idea. 


Made with love in Australia 

Certified Organic Ingredients & Low in sodium

Vegan, vegetarian & paleo friendly

No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives

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