Black Smoke | American BBQ Rub


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FYI, we found the spice blend you won't be able to live without. Black Smoke is like a southern BBQ in a jar and a must have for BBQ lovers and grill masters. Also great with fish, seafood and roasted vegetables. And it works wonders on steaks, soups, stews, schnitzels, burgers and meat balls.

Inspired by the Deep South and traditional BBQ styles from the Carolinas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee where meat is rubbed with secretly guarded spice blends before it's wood smoked, low and slow. 



Better yet this American BBQ rub (unlike the rest of the market) is made from certified organic ingredients. We've blended certified organic sweet paprika at the base with savoury notes of black peppercorns and coriander seeds, a touch of Mexican ancho chilli to give it a bit of a mellow & slightly sweet kick, a gentle hint of fragrant cloves and a touch of garlic flakes and yellow mustard seeds for pungency. Sage adds deep woody green notes and oak-smoked salt gathers it all together beautifully to create well-balanced, bold, smoky flavours and a delectable outdoorsy aroma.

Food will have a superb black crust thanks to the mix of paprika and smoked salt and an intense flavour that really complements fish, seafood, and vegetables just as much as meat and poultry. 


Great with


  • Flavour all kinds of grilled meat and poultry - use a few generous teaspoons to marinate or dry rub beef steaks, pork chops, chicken thighs or lamb cutlets for at least an hour (for best results, marinate overnight). Then grill or slow cook on the barbie.
  • Sprinkle on sweet potato wedges, eggplants or sliced capsicum with a drizzle of olive oil before sliding into the oven, for a delectable treat.
  • Add heaps of flavour to charred white fish fillets (we love it on barramundi but cod works well too) by marinating with a few teaspoons of Black Smoke, some olive oil, garlic, and lemon slices before roasting or grilling.



Sweet paprika*, Black peppercorns*, Smoked sea salt, Coriander seeds*, Sage*, Ancho chilli, Garlic flakes*, Yellow mustard seed*, Cloves*. 

* Certified Organic


North America, Deep South, BBQ Belt.


Roast beef with pomegranates & grapes

Roasted chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges

The best veggie chilli for busy people

Easy spicy chicken skewers

Spicy roasted carrots



Made with love in Australia from local + imported ingredients

Certified Organic Ingredients

Vegan & vegetarian friendly


No artificial colours, artificial flavours, additives, fillers or preservatives

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