Berbere | Ethiopian Spice Blend


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Berbere is an Ethiopian chilli powder. It magically transforms even the humblest ingredients into extraordinarily vibrant dishes by lending deep complex flavours to lentils, cabbage, stews and cheap cuts of meat. If you're a fan of Ethiopian cooking and thought you couldn't cook it at home, think again.

Berbere is most commonly used in "wats", rich Ethiopian stews of meat or lentils that are eaten with tangy flat bread used as a fork to scoop up the spicy goodness. Traditional Ethiopian stews are made with onions and spiced butter but the secret to their intense flavour is, you guessed it, the humble Berbere Ethiopian spice mix.

But you don't have to cook an Ethiopian meal to use this robust Berbere Ethiopian Spice Blend. It's great rubbed on grilled chicken or beef steak and adds lots of flavour to all kinds of braised meats or roasted vegetables. It's also insanely good in anything slow cooked to add an exotic aroma and  a gorgeous deep rusty colour. 


Earthy, spicy and deeply aromatic with medium spicy heat and notes of garlic, caraway seeds and ginger. 

Great with

  • Add a few teaspoons to vegetable or meat stews during cooking.
  • Use as a rub for grilled beef steak or lamb.
  • Add to couscous to uplift its flavour and colour.
  • Also great rubbed on chicken before grilling.
  • Sprinkle onto bean stews during cooking or scatter over roasted root vegetables before sliding into the oven.
  • Brilliant with any braised or slow cooked meat dishes. 


Sweet paprika*, Ginger*, Cumin seeds*, Caraway seeds*, Chilli flakes*, Garlic flakes*.



North Africa, Ethiopia.


The best rustic vegetable soup



Made with love in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Australian Certified Organic Ingredients

Vegan, vegetarian & paleo friendly


No artificial colours, artificial flavours, additives, fillers or preservatives

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