Why Sprinkle

We're committed to making Australia's finest spice blends. Because we believe that what you put into your food, and your body, matters. A lot. Here's why we're different.


No chemical treatment or irradiation

Spices and herbs are plant-driven. They're seeds, fruit, leaves, barks, roots, flowers, stems or other plant substance. Many people outside the food industry don't know that 'conventional' (i.e. non-organic) spices and herbs tend to be treated with toxic chemicals and hazardous radiation in order to kill any potential bacteria, mould, yeast, insects or pathogens they may contain. At Sprinkle, we source certified organic spices and herbs for our blends to ensure that our products won't ever contain any raw materials which may have been chemically treated.


No fillers, gluten, anti-caking agents or anything artificial

Many generic seasoning products found in large supermarket aisles or delis across Australia are commonly enhanced with "fillers" designed to cheapen the manufacturing costs and lengthen their shelf life. These can be artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, anti-caking agents, salt (also referred to as "sodium" on labels, gluten and corn and soy derivatives that are likely GMO.

Those are synthetic additives intended to artificially enhance the appearance, flavour or longevity of spices and herbs. Many people don't know that seasoning products sold in conventional stores may be 6-12 months old (if not older). Whole spices (such as pepper, cloves, or nutmeg) quickly degrade once they are ground. Light and oxygen also contribute to loss of vibrancy and flavour.

That's why many conventional spices would look stale and taste bland and powdery if it weren't for those artificial enhancements. These products won't look, taste or smell quite right because they are effectively ageing, chemically enhanced powders that once upon a time used to be the real deal. 

Just as we want our daily coffee freshly ground and brewed and our breads freshly baked and gluten-free and our chocolates to have more cacao and less processed sugar, so should the spices we put into our foods - and our bodies - be fresh, pure and nasties-free. After all, there's no point following a healthy, organic diet if you're going to season your foods with inferior products.   

At Sprinkle, we're proudly making Australia's finest spice blends. Handcrafted in small batches. Nothing artificial. Only 100% pure and natural premium spices and herbs. We never allow any fillers, gluten, MSG, GMO or other nasties. 


Freshness. Purity. Sustainability 

Just like coffee and bread, spices and herbs are at their very best when they're fresh. You can tell when a spice blend is freshly ground by its bold aroma, intense flavour and bright colours. Whole spices (such as nutmeg, pepper or cloves) start to lose their potency (and hence flavour and aroma) once they're ground. Because the spices, herbs and seasoning products found in conventional stores can be 12 months old, you're essentially buying a stale product before it's even reached your kitchen.

When spices and herbs aren't perfectly sealed or properly stored, they start to degrade, eventually becoming stale, bland and powdery. You'll never find us selling our spices in giant, pillow-like plastic bags or self scoop containers where air, humidity and bacteria will quickly degrade your spices. At Sprinkle, we:

* roast, grind and blend weekly in small batches, using traditional spice blending methods, to ensure that the spices you get are always at their freshest

* sell our blends in small practical quantities so you only buy what you'll likely use, avoiding waste of money and pantry space

* pack our blends in quality glass jars for maximum freshness


The Sprinkle promise: 100% natural. Small batch. Organic. Fresh.

We grind, roast and blend our products weekly, using traditional spice blending methods, so that our spice blends are always fresh, aromatic and bursting with natural flavours. Just as nature intended.