The Sprinkle Quality Guarantee

At Sprinkle, we believe that what you put into you food - and your body - matters a lot.

That's why we make no compromises and take no shortcuts.

Only 100% natural ingredients.

No nonsense.




We search far and wide to source certified organic spices and herbs for our blends. When we cannot find certified organic ingredients, we only purchase wild-grown, locally produced or other premium ingredients so that our products are always made out of the finest possible components. By "certified organic" we mean that ingredients have been certified by NASSA, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. Enjoy organic spice blends and rest assured that you are not using food ingredients that may have been treated with pesticides, chemicals, genetic modification or irradiation.  




Our blends are freshly blended weekly, in small batches, to ensure optimal flavours and bold aromas. We do everything from scratch - whole spices are roasted, ground and blended in-house so we can capture the oils and aromas naturally released by spices and herbs in every Sprinkle jar.
Our blends are then packaged in premium glass jars, hygienically sealed and carefully stored in a temperature controlled environment until they're dispatched from our facility to your kitchen. Glass jars help keep your blends fresher for longer, even once they've been opened. They also avoid plastic contamination of the blends. Our blends are never packaged in low grade plastic bags or shakers or sold out of self-scoop containers. We're immensely proud of the vibrant colours, bold aromas and natural, bright flavours of our blends. 




Our spice and salt blends are 100% natural. This means they're free of artificial flavours or colours, MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives. We only source spices, herbs and salt from the finest local and overseas growers and producers who share our values and outlook. Most of our blends are salt free. When a recipe does call for salt, we only use minimal amounts and never add processed or low grade salt into our blends. We only source premium, pure Australian salt flakes naturally harvested from the Murray-Darling basin. This also means that our blends are packed with their naturally occurring nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants and you can fully enjoy their wellness properties and incredible flavours, just as nature intended. 




Honesty and transparency are at the core of everything we do - our blends are all made in-house, in Australia, from Australian and imported ingredients. Our product labels and website are packed with all the information you need to understand what's in our blends and how to make the most of them. Every product page includes blend information, inspiration, ingredients and pairing and recipe suggestions. We've also come up with cost-saving convenient bundles that allow you to enjoy more of our premium spices for less, delivering quality and value all the way from our kitchen to yours.





Everything we do at Sprinkle is consciously crafted to ensure we rock your tastebuds but also consider our environmental impact. Our blends come in recyclable, re-usable glass jars and we'd encourage you to recycle our shipping boxes. We also try to minimise packaging and marketing materials so we've  dispensed with the paper based stuff where possible  - everything you'll need to know about your order and to enjoy our products (be it order details, ingredients, pairing suggestions, recipes or inspiration) can be found on our website. So we're making your food flavourful while caring for our beautiful planet. 




We're a next generation spice merchant. Because we don't have much staff and don't run expensive stores, we can focus on customer value. This influences everything we do - from making exceptional products to fast delivery and a first class online shopping experience. We want to delight our customers with top shelf, imaginative products that will enhance their cooking, inspire them to explore new flavours, eat well, be healthy and turn everyday food into an extraordinary experience.  


Socially responsible



Giving something back and expressing gratitude is a small but important part of everything we do. At Sprinkle, we're committed to helping those less fortunate in our communities lead a happy, healthy life. So we'll donate a percentage of every purchase made on our store to support important causes. Stay tuned as we'll be updating our website on this soon!