Our Story


Spices Done Right

 We’re an independent, innovative, Australian maker of premium craft spice blends.

Our Co-Founder, Rachel, was born and raised in Israel, where spices are a way of life. When she couldn't find proper, authentic za'atar that tasted like the one she grew up eating, she decided to make her own! Quickly afterwards, the idea of Sprinkle was born. Rachel and her Co-Founder, Daniel wanted to introduce people to the magic of Tel-Aviv's iconic spice markets with insanely fresh, aromatic spice blends that can really transform any meal and take you on a flavour journey around the world without ever leaving your kitchen.

At Sprinkle, we believe that you don’t have to choose between delicious and healthy. We’re on a mission to inspire avid home cooks across Australia to discover the natural flavours, aromas and health properties of spices and empower them to transform everyday cooking easily and quickly.

We launched our Melbourne factory and online store in October 2018 as a next generation spice merchant. We don’t have expansive stores and lots of staff. Nor do we sell ageing stock out of self scoop containers. We focus entirely on making exceptional spice blends that are fresher, more aromatic and more flavoursome than anything found on the market today. 

We innovate by doing things properly. No shortcuts or compromises. Simply the best organic ingredients blended by us weekly in small batches to bring you bold, bright, unique flavours that will take your cooking to the next level. 

"Spices are just like coffee or chocolate. There’s a big difference between mass produced stuff and quality products made in small batches by people who care about their craft..."

Our Values

We believe that anyone can cook incredible food at home that’s just as delicious as eating out. And that spices are the foundation of flavour and great tasting food.

We proudly source over 100 of the finest organic spices and herbs from growers in Australia and around the world. We then roast, grind and blend those at our spice factory right here in Melbourne. By following traditional spice blending techniques used in some of the world’s best cuisines and carefully crafting very small batches, we aim to capture the unique flavours and aromas of each individual spice and herb.

Above all, Sprinkle’s values are grounded in quality, honesty and purity. No preservatives, anti-caking agents, MSG, sugars, artificial flavouring or colouring whatsoever.

If you'd like to find out more about how our spice blends are made and what makes them so special, please click here.


Our Team
Rachel, Co-Founder

Rachel is Sprinkle’s Co-Founder and chief spice blender. Previously, a corporate and technology lawyer, she’s worked at top global law firms and leading technology start-ups in London, New York and Sydney. Rachel is an avid home cook, a spice lover and a believer in healthy eating so she decided to start Sprinkle to focus on her passion for creating the very best, healthiest, freshest products that other busy home cooks can enjoy, making food better and life easier. As content producer and photographer Rachel also enjoys developing unfussy healthy recipes and taking mouth-watering photos of her creations, as well as the occasional blogging on food and wellness.

Daniel, Co-Founder

Daniel is Sprinkle’s Co-Founder, Daniel's vast technology experience spans over 18 years and several continents - he’s worked across the globe (the US, Europe and Asia) and honed his skills across a broad range of sectors, including telecoms, finance and e-commerce/fulfilment. Daniel is a big nerd at heart and as a specialist in software automation, he's dabbled in everything from networks, to low latency electronic trading and warehouse robotics for industry giants. He's passionate about BBQ's and meat rubs, so being in charge of Sprinkle’s e-commerce and production activities plays to his natural talents.