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Barbacoa means BBQ in Mexico and this delicious blend was inspired by the famous Latin American BBQ spice mix called adobo used across Mexico to spice up all kinds of grilled meats.

We've created a spicy, warm and earthy blend with a chipotle chilli base that will take your BBQ creations and slow cooked meats to the next level. Pairs well with meat, poultry and white fish as well as all sorts of vegetables dishes.

Whether you're making grilled prawns tacos, Mexican BBQ chicken, flank steak tacos or beef tortas, this spice blend will lend genuine, spicy Mexican flavours. Just add lime and a cold beer and you're sorted.


Smoky, spicy and a bit sweet. Chipotle chilli powder (made of smoke-dried jalapeños) at the base which lends a distinct Mexican vibe, blended with paprika, oregano, onion flakes, garlic flakes and a touch of cinnamon and roasted cloves for warm undertones. This blend is all about bold, bright Mexican flavours. Mix a couple of tablespoons with 1 cup olive oil and 1 cup orange juice to make a classic Mexican adobo marinade for your favourite meat before popping on the grill. 


Great with



Chipotle Chilli, Oregano*, Sweet Paprika*, Onion Flakes*, Cumin Seed*, Garlic Flakes*, Smoked Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon*, Cloves*.  

* Certified Organic


Mexico, Latin America.


Spicy pan seared salmon & garlicky broccolini




Made with love in Australia from local + imported ingredients

Certified Organic Ingredients

Vegan, vegetarian & paleo friendly


No artificial colours, artificial flavours, additives, fillers or preservatives

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