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Especially curated for all your baking creations, morning oats, smoothies and desserts, say hello to the best sweet spices from around the world.  

This eclectic spice collection will help you easily add sweet exotic flavours and plenty of plant-based nutrients and antioxidants (and substitute sugar) to porridge, smoothies, lattes, muffins, banana breads, cookies, cheese cake, ice cream, plain yoghurts and granolas.  While the three blends in this collection are great with sweet foods, they can also be applied in savoury dishes to add a subtle exotic warmth to spicy dishes like tagine, biryani rice, roasted root vegetables and stews.

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Bundle includes
    • MahlepiSweet, floral and aromatic with almond, marzipan and cherry undertones and a distinct aroma that evokes rose, cinnamon and clove. Elevate humble rice puddings, creme brûlée or cheese tarts, sprinkle into your pancake batter or spike apple and pear tarts for an alluring effect.
    • Masala ChaiRich, pungent and deeply aromatic with sweet anise undertones. Make a delectable spiced tea, lend layers of exotic flavours to creamy or fruity desserts without adding sugar (think custard pie, banana bread, shortbread, pancakes, oatmeal cookies or vanilla sponge cake), oats or granola, smoothies, chia puddings, lattes, ice cream, iced tea and spiced cocktails. 
    • Ground Cardamom - Known as the Queen of Spices, this is an essential spice in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and even Scandinavian desserts and pastries. Cardamom is sweet, floral and spicy with notes of mint and eucalyptus. Especially nice with subtle flavours - try adding a bit to milky breakfast oats, coconut milk smoothies or vanilla ice cream. Also elevates root vegetables, rice dishes and lentil stews. Adds a special depth of flavour to gin based cocktails. Cardamom cuts through very sweet desserts so it's a natural pairing for chocolate and cinnamon.  
    To find out more about each of the above blends, just click on the link in their name.

    Made with love in Australia from local & imported ingredients

    Organic & Low in Sodium

    Vegan & vegetarian friendly

    No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives

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