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Murray | Fine Salts Bundle

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This trio of fine Australian salts is a foodie's dream. All three salt blends feature pure Australian salt flakes hand harvested in the Murray-Darling basin and smoked over reclaimed barrel wood infused with African bird's eye chilli, Australian merlot wine and native lemon myrtle.

Salt is a natural feature of the Murray-Darling basin and derived from ancient ocean sediments, the weathering of rocks and deposition by rainfall over millions of years.

These three exquisite salts are super versatile and will add new, exciting flavours to your favourite dishes, BBQs, baked creations, salads, roast dinners and beyond. 

Great as finishing salts so use to lend a delicate, savoury flavour and briny crunch and texture to grilled steak, seared white fish fillets, grilled seafood, roasted vegetables, zucchini bread, roast lamb or cooked eggs. 

Why not throw in one of our organic, Australian made extra virgin olive oils. Quality olive oil beautifully complements our gourmet salts and will come in handy for marinades, salads or roasted veggies. This olive oil is great for cooking so can be used for marinating, roasting, frying, searing or drizzling over salads, humous or grains. To find out more about our olive oils, go here


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Bundle includes


    • Smoked Chilli Salt - pure Australian salt flakes, smoked and mixed with bird's eye chilli for a touch of heat and bold flavours. Add a bit of a kick and brightness to grilled fish or seafood, BBQ'd chicken all kinds of olive oil based marinades, hearty salads, poached eggs, roasted nuts or avocado toast. Versatile and addictive. 

    • Lemon Myrtle Salt - pure Australian salt flakes infused with heat stressed lemon myrtle, a native herb that lends a clean, lemony tang. Perfect finishing salt for all kinds of fish, seafood and grilled chicken. 

    • Smoked Merlot Salt - pure Australian salt flakes infused with local Merlot wine to deliver sour cherry, tart notes and a gorgeous crunch. Pairs well with grilled meats or fish, pasta sauces and even chocolate desserts!


Made with love in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Vegan & vegetarian friendly

No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives

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