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There's nothing better than a flavour packed rustic soup or a hearty stew on a cold day. But soups and stews can be tricky to make interesting and flavoursome. So we've curated a seasonal spice collection inspired by the very best South Asian soups and curries, North African stews, Middle Eastern roasts and satisfying Mexican grilled meats to make your autumn recipes and winter cooking a (flavour-loaded) breeze. It's as easy as sprinkling some spice and letting the magic happen. 

This seasonal bundle will help you easily add depth of flavour and immunity boosting aromatics to hearty stews, rustic soups, roasted vegetables, rice dishes, tagines, couscous, weekend lamb or chicken roasts and grilled meats. Perfect for Autumn recipes.

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Bundle includes
    • Bali Bumbu - Bright, floral and earthy with a touch of chilli and sweet citrus aroma.  This blend is a magical mix of ten exotic spices commonly used in South East Asian cuisine. Simply add to noodle soups, stews, chicken skewers or grilled fish to add some faraway Bali-tastic aromas to your weeknight dinner.

    • Baharat this signature Middle Eastern blend will make your food uber flavoursome without being overbearing or hot. So versatile you can add it to roasted veggies, chicken or lamb dishes, couscous, soups, stews or rice. Food will taste distinctly middle eastern, exotic and moreish. 

    • Carne AsadaThis bright and spicy mix combines the two most popular chillis used in Mexican cuisine - Ancho chilli and Guajillo chilli at the base combined with eight other spices - from the earthy cumin and coriander seeds balanced by some grassy oregano, a touch of acidity from onion and garlic and sweet, fruity undertones of cloves and aniseed. This blend is great as a BBQ rub or marinade for fish, seafood, meat, vegetables or poultry.

    • Berbere - Earthy, spicy and deeply aromatic with medium spicy heat and notes of garlic, caraway seeds and ginger. It magically transforms even the humblest ingredients into extraordinarily vibrant dishes by lending deep complex flavours to lentils, cabbage, stews and cheap cuts of meat. If you're a fan of Ethiopian cooking and thought you couldn't cook it at home, think again.

To find out more about each of the above blends, just click on the link in their name.

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Vegan & vegetarian friendly

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