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No excuse for bland! Meet the amazing salts you won't be able to live without. This pure, all natural Australian salts selection will inject some serious oomph into your food. These three addictive Australian gourmet salts were thoughtfully curated to bring you bold and bright flavours that evoke the very best of modern Australian cooking.

These quality finishing salts are hand harvested in Australia and smoked right here in Melbourne over reclaimed oak wood to deliver bold aromas and unique textures.

Infused with African bird's eye chilli, native lemon myrtle and Tasmanian pepperberries each of these exquisite salts is super versatile and will add new, exciting and intense flavours to your favourite dishes, BBQ creations, salads, roast dinners, fish and seafood, breads, cooked eggs, avocado toast and even desserts. 


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    • Smoked Salt & Mountain Pepper - Smoky, woodsy, floral. This salt is delicate in flavour but packs a peppery punch. It has a lovely, almost alpine, aroma and will serve you well as an all purpose blend that will enliven meat, fish, poultry, seafood, vegetables and salads and lend a distinct savoury peppery flavour that is so much more intense than generic salt and pepper blends.     
    • Smoked Chilli Salt - pure Australian salt flakes, smoked and mixed with bird's eye chilli for a touch of heat and bold flavours. Add a bit of a kick and brightness to grilled fish or seafood, BBQ'd chicken all kinds of olive oil based marinades, hearty salads, poached eggs, roasted nuts or avocado toast. Versatile and addictive. 
    • Lemon Myrtle Salt - pure Australian salt flakes infused with heat stressed lemon myrtle, a native herb that lends a clean, lemony tang. Perfect finishing salt for all kinds of fish, seafood and grilled chicken. 


Made with love in Australia from local ingredients

Vegan & vegetarian friendly

No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives

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