• Explorer | Spice Blend Bundle - Sprinkle Artisan Spice Blends
  • Explorer | Spice Blend Bundle - Sprinkle Artisan Spice Blends
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  • Explorer | Spice Blend Bundle - Sprinkle Artisan Spice Blends

Explorer | Spice Bundle


Explore our signature spice blends in a convenient, cost-saving bundle that will take you on a flavour journey across North African, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North American cuisines.

These delectable spice mixes are really versatile and excellent with poultry, meat, fish and seafood, BBQs, salads, vegetable dishes, legumes, grains, soups or stews. Turn ordinary meals into culinary masterpieces with just a few sprinkles. Easy! 

Reboot your pantry and add one of our certified organic, Australian made extra virgin olive oils. Our EVOO is freshly made in small batches in Country Victoria and can be used for cooking, marinating, salad dressings, searing and frying. It's fresh, pungent and bursting with flavour.  The perfect side kick to spices!

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Bundle includes
    • Fez - inspired by the colourful spice markets of North Africa, this is an earthy blend with sweet and mildly spicy notes that pairs well with fish, seafood, lamb, poultry, fish or vegetable dishes as well as soups, stews, couscous and rice. It'll add oodles of flavour and an exotic flair to every dish.

    • Ottoman - a warm and spicy blend inspired by Turkish cuisine, this will add a Mediterranean flair to all kinds of grilled meats, fish, seafood, vegetables and even poached eggs. Aleppo pepper, a mild, slightly sweet chilli is combined with oregano, sumac and other spices to create bright and lively flavours.

    • Galilee Za'atar - an aromatic, herbal, slightly lemony mix that will enliven your food with its mix of wild thyme, sumac, marjoram and toasted sesame seeds.  It's a classic middle eastern blend that goes with pretty much anything. We love it with grilled chicken, fish, salads and fried eggs. The options are endless.

    • Black Smoke - our signature BBQ blend that is the perfect sidekick to your summer barbie and so much more. Whether you're roasting, grilling or making soups and stews this is going to be a family favourite and rocket your food to new levels. Inspired by the American Deep South, this blend adds bold, smoky flavours of paprika, smoked salt, coriander, cloves and ancho chilli.


Made with love in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Organic & low in sodium

Vegan & vegetarian friendly

No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives

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