Smoked Chilli Salt

Smoky grilled corn with lime, chilli & herb butter

This corn on the cob packs a punch and is so simple to make. Just brush with an incredible butter infused with Smoked Chilli Salt, herbs and lime and grill for 20 minutes. It's got smoky, outdoorsy flavours balanced by tangy lime. Delicious!

The best veggie chilli for busy people

This veggie chilli is one of the best things about autumn and winter. It's so chunky, filling and comforting, it'll satisfy even die hard carnivores. Packed with deep, smoky flavours thanks to Black Smoke and our Smoked Chilli Salt, it's a crowd pleaser that the whole family will love. 

The best smashed avo toast

Smashed avocado on toast is an Aussie breakfast staple. Done right, this is one of the most satisfying meals. Grab some fine ripe avocados, freshly baked sourdough and our Smoked Chilli Salt and enjoy!