An Ottolenghi recipe adapted and spiced with our Turkish inspired OTTOMAN spice blend. Delicious as a light summer lunch, dinner party starter or a refreshing mezze dish as part of a larger spread. Fresh crusty bread is a must to mop up the flavourful juices. Super easy to make, this dish bursts with so much flavour and colour you'll want to make it over and over again this summer.  

Hearty, comforting and super easy to make, this veggie couscous salad ticks all the boxes for simple weeknight suppers. Spice the eggplant with our Ottoman spice blend for distinct Turkish flavours. 

An easy peasy roasted vegetables recipe that delivers a lot of flavour with minimal effort, and very little washing up! Great as a weeknight side, over couscous or as a dinner party addition to the main. Colourful, nutritious, light and jam packed with mediterranean flavours thanks to a sprinkle of Ottoman.
For the ultimate crowd-pleasing lunch or casual dinner marinate chicken breasts in Ottoman, let the chicken absorb the sunny Mediterranean flavours overnight then BBQ for 5 minutes on each side. Serve with finely chopped Israeli salad. Simple. Healthy. Delicious.
Rock your tastebuds with this delicious barramundi dish. Barramundi is an excellent protein source, packed with omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin D and potassium. Make a super quick marinade with our bright Ottoman blend, sear in a hot pan and you're all set. Goes great with a medley of white zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, garlic and lots of herbs. Yep, fish doesn't have to be boring.