North Africa

Chicken in pomegranates sauce

An Israeli inspired dish (with Persian roots) that delivers LOTS of flavour and oomph with minimal effort. Simply spice the chicken with our North African TAGINE blend, add pomegranate juice and molasses and let the hob do the hard work for you. Great for your festive Christmas spread or a casual dinner party.

Slow cooked lamb stew

It's cold outside. Make a stew! This slow cooked, sticky and dark lamb stew will fill your kitchen with warming aromas on a cold day. It's also packed with exotic flavours thanks to a sprinkle of our organic, Moroccan inspired Fez spice blend. 

The best shakshouka

Bold, intense flavours. Great for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Our Fez spice blend is all you need to add an authentic North African touch to this glorious vegetarian dish.

Smoky charred vegetable soup

This hearty vegetable soup is a meal in its own right. Our Fez blend lends it a subtle spicy kick, complex aroma and earthy notes.

Rustic lentil & vegetable soup

This warming, chunky, rustic soup won't fail you on cooler days and pretty much cooks itself! It's packed with vegetable goodness, lentils and exotic flavours to boot. Fez lends it a bit of a kick with tart notes of paprika, chilli and sumac and a gorgeous earthy aroma. Serve with warm Turkish bread rolls and a dollop of pesto for the full experience. Yum! 

Delectable lamb cutlets with fig, walnut & feta salad

Nothing quite captures exotic flavours like spiced lamb cutlets. Just marinate the lamb in Fez, slide under the grill and toss the salad while the lamb is cooking. Great and simple weeknight dinner.