These roasted baby potatoes are so delicious and moreish you may not want to share! Spiced with our Jerusalem Mix blend and olive oil, this dish is simple, quick and will make an impressive side for dinner parties, festive spreads and midweek dinners. Great next to grilled chicken, roast lamb, turkey or ham.

This delicious and colourful Middle Eastern brown rice salad is wholesome, packed with nutrients and full of grilled vegetable goodness. It makes a great side next to grilled meats or fish and great as part of a festive spread. Seasoned with our Organic Ground Sumac for all the authentic flavours. 

This effortless yet delicious salad is the perfect accompaniment to summer BBQs or any kind of roasted or grilled dishes. Fattoush won't be the real deal without a sprinkling of our Organic Sumac, a tart Middle Eastern berry that lends distinct lemony flavours.

If you've never had roasted eggplant spiced with our Jerusalem Mix blend and served with creamy tahini yoghurt, you really haven't lived. An easy 5 ingredient recipe that's a real treat for your tastebuds.

Let's face it - cauliflower is high in fiber and a good source of anti-oxidants but not everyone's cup of tea. We get it. But try adding some GALILEE ZA'ATAR...