Why spices & herbs are the new superfoods

Why spices & herbs are the new superfoods

Spices and herbs don't just add flavour to your cooking. They're actually good for you. Spices and herbs make food tasty without fat, sugar, extra calories or processed additives. They're packed with nutrients, naturally gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Love your spices and they'll love you back!

Spices have been used for medicinal, cooking and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. The oldest evidence of cooking with spices goes back over 6,000 years. Apparently, pre-historic Europeans used garlic mustard seeds to flavour their food. Spices and herbs have been used in cooking in ancient Egypt and by the Greeks and Romans. Yet not many people appreciate how vital they are for a healthy lifestyle.

Today, we struggle with an increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease, stress and other unhealthy behaviours and risk factors that impact our wellbeing. Poor diet tends to be one of the biggest contributors to weight gain and a host of health issues in modern life. We're all busy, overextended and overloaded. We don't get enough rest, quality sleep and time to breathe, think about what we eat, when we exercise and how to nurture our bodies and souls.

For 15 years, I've neglected my health and wellbeing in the name of a fancy career in the legal profession. I've reached a turning point when I realised how tired and burnt out I felt, despite trying my best to keep fit and healthy. For me, making a real lifestyle change involved leaving London, relocating to sunny Australia, quitting the law to start my own business, immersing myself in yoga and meditation, training regularly and re-focusing my daily routine and, importantly, my diet on wellness. 

"Rebooting your lifestyle and diet can be a big task. But you can start with a simple step. Inject health and energy into your daily routine by embracing spices and herbs. Be aware of what you put into your food and your body".

Spices and herbs are wondrous little healers. Being plant driven, they're naturally rich in anti-oxidants, gluten-free and nutrient-packed.

  • Cinnamon reduces blood glucose concentration in people with diabetes, is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer and has lipid-lowering properties. It has even been found to act against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. 
  • Turmeric, black pepper and chilli are anti-inflammatory and help fight the development of cancer and heart disease as well as have fat burning capacities.
  • Black pepper suppresses arthritis symptoms.
  • Rosemary has one of the highest concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cloves reduce tooth ache and treat diarrhoea, nausea and bad breath.
  • Ginger is packed with therapeutic benefits, used to prevent and treat nausea, reduce osteoarthritic pain and heart disease.
  • Oregano treats headaches and treat muscle pain.

The list goes on. With just a daily sprinkle, you can have all this goodness without adding calories, sugars, salts, fats or processed condiments. You won't need to choose between yummy food and what's good for you. You shouldn't compromise your health and wellbeing to enjoy delicious, satisfying food.   

There are so many ways to welcome spices and herbs into your life. Add them to your breakfast oats, scatter over fried eggs and smashed avo, toss into pasta or salads, rub onto grilled fish or meat, add to roasted veggies, desserts, tea and even coffee. Whatever takes your fancy. Check out our recipes  and organic spice blends for more inspiration.

Here's to a spicier, happier you!