Why not all spices are created equal

Why not all spices are created equal

We started Sprinkle a year ago with the core belief that anyone can cook deliciously flavourful food at home that's just as good as dining out.

Spices are the foundation of every great dish, no matter how simple or complex. But did you know that not all spices are created equal? 

Grounded in history & nature

Spices have been used by people since the dawn of time. They are now so much a part of global culinary culture that it's difficult to imagine life without them.

Throughout history, the spice trade has influenced political, social and economic development around the world. In all ancient civilisations, spices were rare and valuable and prized for their medicinal and aromatic qualities. The Babylonians, Assyrians and ancient Egyptians used incense and holy oils infused with spices in their religious rituals. King Solomon's wealth's was partly due to the spice trade. Queen Sheba ruled over the Incense Route where spices travelled across southern Arabia to the Mediterranean sea. Cinnamon was brought to the West by the Arabs who are said to have discovered it in Ethiopia. The Romans then discovered cinnamon on the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

The Chinese used to barter cinnamon from China for cloves from Indonesia. Indonesians then transported cinnamon on canoes to the east coast of Africa, where it was bought by Arab traders. For five centuries, until the crusades, spice trade was controlled by the Arabs and became extremely rare.

In the late 15th century, Portuguese explorers found their way to India, the Far East and the Spice Islands. They built an enormous spice trading network reaching as far as China and Japan and Lisbon became Europe's prime spice port. The Dutch controlled the spice trade in Northern Europe. In the 16th century, the Portuguese introduced chilli peppers from South America to their Indian colonies. The 18th century saw the British East India Company entering the spice trade and experimented with planting spices from one country in another, bringing pepper, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to the West Indies where they influenced cajun cuisine. 

Spice blending is an ancient art form, as old as spice trading. For centuries, home cooks across the Middle East, North Africa, India, Asia, the Americas and Europe used spice blends as a key ingredient to flavour their foods. Endless regional variations ensued and secret family recipes were passed on from one generation to another, keeping the tradition alive. 

Today, spices and herbs are regaining their former glory. To some, ‘spices’ are still a bit of an afterthought, synonymous with powdery, stale supermarket seasonings bought in plastic shakers, used once, then forgotten at the back of the pantry. Others think flavouring means adding a bit of salt and pepper when cooking is done. But many people all over the world are re-discovering what real spices actually smell, taste and look like. And that proper seasoning can dramatically set a dish apart.  

Sprinkle was born out of a search for fresh, authentic, healthy spice blends and salts. And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we set out to make Australia's finest.




Small batch. Organic. Natural

Our blends are handcrafted in small batches from certified organic ingredients, right here in Melbourne. We’re all about meticulous attention to detail and passionate craftsmanship. We fuss over every aspect of our products.

Our mission is to deliver top quality blends that will inspire you to experiment, have fun and cook meals that will wow family and friends.

Our spices and herbs are carefully sourced from the finest local and overseas growers who share our values. Nothing is mass produced and no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, MSG or anti-caking agents are ever allowed.

We roast, grind and hand-blend every week, using traditional techniques that highlight spices and herbs' naturally occurring oils, aromas and flavours. 

Our blends are based on exclusive recipes developed to spark your tastebuds. Some are an interpretation of classic Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean or American mixes. Others are innovative combos inspired by hard-to-find ingredients. 

We care about how our products make their way from our kitchen to yours. We never sell spices out of self-scoop containers. All blends are hygienically packaged in recyclable glass jars to ensure freshness and sustainability.

Most of our blends are salt-free and when salt is added, we only use minimal amounts of premium Australian sea salt. No funny business whatsoever.

Because we believe that what you put into your food (and your body) matters. A lot.

We hope you enjoy our spice blends just as much as we enjoy making them. Now let's get spicy!