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In a world of real food, it's spices that make a dish exciting.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every bite you take should be both nourishing and packed with flavour.

We're on mission to do spices the right way, not the easy way.

Our small batch products are proudly roasted, ground and blended by us at our own spice factory in Melbourne using traditional spice blending techniques.

Always bursting with freshness and made with the finest, ethically sourced certified organic spices and herbs. 

Nothing chemically treated or irradiated.

NO artificial colours or flavours. NO preservatives, fillers, additives, anti-caking agents, MSG, soy, gluten or sugar. 

No shortcuts. No compromises. Only 100% natural, bold and bright flavours.



  • “Exceptional! If I hadn't tasted it myself, I would've never believed how good these spices and salts are! Once you've tried these it's hard to go back to the ordinary.”
    - Santina, VIC
  • “These spice blends take flavours to another level. Sprinkle's spices make creating impressive dishes easy. Their customer service is also brilliant with questions answered easily and quickly.”
    - Jennifer, VIC
  • "These make you look like a great cook when you're not. We love our box of blends... Absolutely delicious even to the point where the kids will eat them, so that's definitely a win my books!"
    - Jo, NSW
  • "Sprinkle's Baharat is brilliant. I use it in everything. It was so amazingly fresh."
    - Marie, VIC
  • "Some of the best and freshest BBQ spice blends I've ever tried. Will definitely be getting my hands on more. They arrived super quick and the packaging was really well presented."
    - Desmond, VIC